Nobu Broadway : murals and claustras by Atelier Pascale Girardin - 2017

Nobu Broadway

New York, NY, 2017


Located in the heart of Nobu Broadway, three glazed stoneware relief murals form a rich monochrome of charcoal and indigo. Their inspiration comes from sumi-e, the Japanese art of ink painting, and boro, a traditional patchwork technique. 





New York, New York, USA


Design & Architecture firm

Rockwell Group



Glazed and partially glazed stoneware, steel, aluminium



Boro mural :

114 cm H X 2000 cm L X 12 cm P


Sumi-e mural:

96 cm H X 1800 cm L X 4 cm P


Sake bottles claustra:

216 cm H X 390 cm L X 25 cm P



Stephany Hildebrand

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